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citrine stone benefits and feng shui


citrine stone

Citrine or money stone is found in light yellow and golden-brown color, and it is considered a type of quartz, and citrine stone is named for its lemon yellow color and is associated with the power of the sun.

Most of the citrine stones that are sold are not real, but are used instead of amethyst or smoky quartz exposed to high heat, as they are sold as citrine stone , as high heat changes the color of amethyst quartz and makes them similar to citrine stone.

Heat-treated citrine crystals are beautifully coloured, and only natural crystals exhibit the color spectrum phenomenon.

Where are the citrines located?

Citrine is found in several places such as America, Russia, France, Spain and Brazil. 

Citrine stone health benefits and properties

  • Citrine stone strengthens the human digestive system, helps remove toxins from the body and treats constipation as well
  • Citrine stone is used in the treatment of diabetes, helps in raising depression and nervousness

  •   Citrine stone also benefits people who are suicidal or suffer from schizophrenia

  • Citrine helps with diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys, and citrine helps counteract the toxic effects of many drugs
  • Citrine is also useful for premenstrual or postmenopausal syndrome by balancing and maintaining hormones.

 Citrine stone to clean the aura 

The aura is a field around the physical body, as it is like a magnet in which the thoughts, feelings and energies surrounding you gather. Citrine stone is very suitable for cleaning the aura from the negative energies accumulated in it and promoting clarity, positivity and clarity of mind.

Citrine stone for good feng shui

In feng shui, citrine is highly respected, especially because it is rare in nature and also has powerful properties.

Citrine is considered one of the most powerful energies because it is associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity, as it is believed to bring luck and unexpected wealth. 

Citrine is also called the merchant's stone, so all merchants, business owners and sales are advised to take advantage of citrine because of its close association with Citrine crystals help in accumulating wealth, so it is natural that its location according to the bagua is in the southeast of the house (determined by the compass), or according to the octagonal map. The bagua citrine is an effective wealth cure in feng shui.

 citrine spiritually

Citrine stone is also believed to be able to help you with self-esteem problems boosting your level of self-confidence.

It is also believed that the citrine stone maintains and strengthens mental abilities, strengthens the nerves and rids you of negative thoughts, which stimulates more satisfaction and self-confidence.


Thanks to the power of the sun, citrine is a powerful cleanser to promote self-healing, overcome depression and treat self-esteem problems. With citrine, a person becomes more optimistic, broadens perception, improves clarity of thought and mental activity, citrine strengthens wisdom, which helps in finding solutions and overcoming difficulties.

Citrine helps make you more mature in controlling emotions and keeping them balanced

Also, if you are irritable and suffer from a lot of disagreements, citrine will help you keep your nerves and calm.

Citrine and the chakras

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra and helps with self-esteem issues, and the vital flow of energy in the body. 

Aesthetic benefits of citrine

If you are looking for a stone that supports your outward appearance of attractive skin, nails and hair, you may not find better than citrine stone .


It also relieves menopausal symptoms and makes you look younger and more beautiful.

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Citrine stone in commerce and business

It suffices that the name of the second citrine is the merchant's stone, as it has the ability to attract success in the field of business and luck in deals, as it is believed that citrine acts as a magnet for money, abundance and prosperity sometimes in unexpected ways. 

The good thing about citrine is that it does not need to be cleansed because it does not retain any negative energy.

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