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Sapphire stone benefits spiritual and place energy


sapphire stone

Sapphire stone and place energy

The method of using a sapphire stone to create a good place energy. Definition of sapphire stone and the most important tips according to feng shui experts, 

Sapphire is found in the original four colors, red, yellow, blue and white. Sapphire is considered one of the hardest stones after diamond. Sapphire is a strong, indestructible crystal that only diamonds can cut. Sapphire has a great degree of heat resistance.

The best type of sapphire is the red sapphire with a blue aura, and it resembles the blood of a pigeon.

How do you know the real sapphire from the fake?

Sapphire crystals contain many impurities from other minerals, but they do not affect the quality or market value of the sapphire at all. It is one of the distinguishing features of diagnosing real sapphire from fake. 

Other signs that indicate the real sapphire is different from others, is the penetration of ultraviolet rays, but synthetic sapphire does not have this specificity.

Types of synthetic sapphires on the market

There are many types of unreal sapphires and they have commercial names as well, such as the red sapphire called Pallas, which is a spinel, and the red sapphire called Cape, which is one of the granite stones, or the Siberian sapphire as it is nothing but a red tourmaline stone. 

Properties and benefits of red sapphire 

  • The ruby ​​stone is useful for treating heart diseases, blood cancers, and regulating high blood pressure.
  • Sapphire stone prevents blood clotting if worn in a necklace.
  • Ruby stone strengthens the sexual ability of both sexes.
  • Sapphire stone expels epidemic diseases such as plague.
  • Sapphire stone treats cases of infertility and helps with dysmenorrhea in women.

Spiritual benefits and sapphire stone 

  • The sapphire stone has great benefits, as it is believed to protect against mental and psychological attacks. And makes you feel calm and serenity of the bed.
  • Sapphire stone gives you social skills to communicate and integrate with others.
  • Sapphire stone helps to strengthen character and increase your leadership abilities. 
  • The sapphire is believed to protect you from infidelity, as dignitaries and kings used to wear it to ensure the loyalty of their wives and their unmixed lineage. 

Sapphire and chakras 

The seven chakras are the main gateways for energy, which are energy centers that start from the top of the head to the base of the spine. 

Each chakra represents its own specific color, and gemstones are an effective option for treating and balancing troubled chakras.

  • Sapphire stone helps open most of the chakras because of its multicolor.
  • Throat chakra blue sapphire helps with communication and thyroid problems. 
  • The red ruby ​​root chakra feels safe and rooted in the earth.
  • The yellow sapphire solar plexus chakra deals with issues of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The green sapphire heart makes you more tolerant and kind to yourself and others.
  • The third eye chakra, the   violet sapphire, increases intuition and creativity. 
  • The white sapphire crown chakra helps in meditation and communication with the Creator.

Placement of the sapphire according to the energy of the place 

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom and knowledge, according to feng shui energy of the place, the northeast is the ideal place to decorate with sapphire stone in all its colors.
You can also place sapphires in the southwest, representing the element Earth. You can place red or yellow sapphires in this sector to increase the love between the two partners and to support relationships. 

You can also place yellow sapphires in the northwest to represent the element of the mineral, because it is the place of creativity and children.  

You can take advantage of the sapphire by placing it in the basement of the house, to support the house and increase its solidity and the strength of family bonding.

Sapphire in the office 

Sapphire has a positive effect in the workplace, as it can help you be wiser and more focused, helping you make the right decisions.

Sapphire also facilitates communication between staff, colleagues and clients.

Other effects of ruby ​​stone 

  • Sapphire is associated with the following planets: Saturn and Jupiter. 
  • Sapphire in the bedroom helps make you more remembered for your dreams. 
  • Dreaming of a sapphire is a good sign that new and total breakthroughs are coming in your life. 
  • You can place a sapphire for a few hours in a mist of water and spray it in your home to benefit from the spiritual power of the sapphire.
  • Sapphire stone increases the beauty of a person when wearing it.

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