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The benefits of tourmaline stone, its colors and the energy of the place


tourmaline stone

Tourmaline stone is an attractive and elegant stone, characterized by a variety of colors, and the quality is determined by the specific color of the tourmaline.

Tourmaline has many uses in feng shui place energy, as it contributes to healing energy and protection from all negative energies.


Tourmaline stone can help attract and show support in relationships of love and forgiveness, dispel anger and bitterness, green tourmaline attracts money and prosperity into your life, while black tourmaline is used to protect against envy and psychological pain.

 Tourmaline comes in different colors from red to pink, black, blue, green and multicolored.

Tourmaline has static electricity after exposing it to heat and then cooling it or after rubbing it, and it is not possible to produce tourmaline artificially in the laboratory, due to its complex chemical composition, but it increases in beauty and quality when exposed to high heat. 

As for its luminous characteristics, the sun’s rays show great refraction, so that the tourmaline appears in multiple colors, which is a sign and strong evidence of knowing and diagnosing the real tourmaline. 

Green tourmaline properties and benefits 

Tourmaline stone helps to treat problems and diseases of the heart and blood. 

Tourmaline calms and strengthens the nerves, then helps to treat depression and insomnia, helps strengthen and centralize nerves, and relieves fear and stress resulting from many life problems. 

Properties and benefits of pink tourmaline 

Pink tourmaline colors range from dark red to light pink, and tourmaline forms a direct effect on the heart chakra, strengthening and activating it, and has great benefits on the body's defense system and the immune system 

Tourmaline is also a strong helper in strengthening relationships in the joint life between family members, and it gives joy and longing to life. 

Blue tourmaline properties and benefits 

The use of tourmaline stone, especially placing it on the throat chakra, causes strengthening of the lungs and throat and regulates the hormonal glands, especially the thyroid and pituitary glands. Tourmaline has the specificity of cooling and is useful in treating infections and burns 

Black tourmaline properties and benefits 

Black tourmaline strengthens the heart, opens blocked veins in it, and stimulates blood circulation in general 

It is useful in the process of forming and making blood in the human body, and it is considered one of the strongest types of tourmaline, which stands as an impregnable shield against the negative forces of others, including the effect of the eye and envy, as well as the radiation of electronic means. 

Tourmaline and space energy 

In feng shui, tourmaline represents the earth element, and the green color represents the wood element, so you can place the tourmaline in the earth and wood sectors: northeast, east, southwest, and southeast to activate the energies of the earth and wood.

Black tourmaline is placed in the entrance to the house, window or shelf near the door to protect against negative energies.


Pink tourmaline is placed in the bedroom to add love, romance, joy, joy, enhance comfort, and clean the bedroom of all negative energies. Place four pieces of tourmaline in the corners of the room to draw out any unwanted energy along with the amethyst stone. 

Attract Wealth with Green Tourmaline: Place a piece of green tourmaline in the southeast sector of your home. If you are the owner of a shop or company put it in the southeast, put the tourmaline in the money box to double your money with citrine stone will be very effective. 

Place a tourmaline stone in the center of the house to support the overall health of the whole family.


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